• My Book: The Beginner's Guide To Natural Living

    Larry, one of these days I would like to post info and photos on the Food and Diet subcategory under "Keeping my child healthy" main category. I don't see an option for that, though.
  • A simple question is where i started my journey.
    I was so excited reading these posts about homeopathy working for you. I tried homeopathy for my son when he developed chronic double ear infections beginning at 10 months old and lasting for over a year. These EIs I am sure were vaccine-induced. Sadly, though, homeopathy did not help in our case, chiropractic care did not help either. Only time made things better. I am still open to give homeopathy a try for common colds, fevers, etc. My son exhibits immunological problems: he has psoriasis. Can homeopathy help with that? Can you tell me the name of the book(s) you use?
  • 3 shots is all it took
    Wow thank you all for your very kind words!!!
    Yes, the father of my baby was all about having power and control fueled by his blind faith in the medical establishment.
    I am baffled to still see people lining up their kids to get shots even in the information era and when there are so many vaccine-injured children out there.

    Looking fwd to enlightening conversations with you all!